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Lonely this Valentine’s Day? Still bitter about your ex? This won’t help with that (sorry) but it may shed a bit of light on why relationships are inherently flawed

The world of candle-lit dates and ballroom dances may have been replaced with Tinder and 2am booty-calls, but is there any space in modern life for traditional relationships? Infidelity hurts, but maybe it’s the way we’re programmed and the battle in adult life between infidelity and loyalty could stem from our ancestral history. At one point on the evolutionary journey, humans had to choose between promiscuity and monogamy, but not all of us made the same decision.

Why did nature give us homosexuality?

Homosexuality in animals is far from rare and homosexuality in humans is common. Yet, one is scientifically accepted and one is condemned, but both are naturally occurring. The world is changing its mindset, but can the animal kingdom shed some light on the origins of homosexuality?

Charles Darwin: The journey from the Beagle to the £10 note

Not only one of the most recognisable names in the history of science, his ideas also became ingrained in the very fabric of society. Born from wealth and Cambridge educated in the 19th Century, he was once a young man voyaging across the world to the distant islands of the South Pacific. Despite sounding like a Dickensian novel, he struggled against several hardships to become the enlightened Englishman who developed one of the greatest scientific theories of all time; the grand theory of Evolution.

Philip Noel-Baker: The Race for Peace

Philip Noel-Baker was a pillar of the Derbyshire community. Integral in the development of Derby city he is being honoured with a lecture series at the University of Derby. On the 40th anniversary of becoming a life peer of the City of Derby we look back at his extraordinary life.

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